Vocera Solution Comparison

Vocera smartphone and badge solutions offer secure messaging capability to any health care professional. Regardless of role or location, you can use Vocera to send secure, HIPAA-compliant messages to any member of your care team.

The following table lists the attributes and capabilities of the Vocera badge, Vocera Secure Texting and Vocera Collaboration Suite. Use this table to determine what solution is the best choice for you.

Attribute Vocera Badge Vocera Secure Texting Vocera Collaboration Suite
Network Supported Wi-Fi Cellular Wi-Fi Cellular Wi-Fi
Supports Shared Devices    
Hands Free        
Voice Automated    
Contact by Name, Role, Group
Receive Group Call and Broadcast      
Initiate Group Call and Broadcast    
Contacts Directory Search  
Favorites List  
Presence/Availability Information  
Select-to-Connect Commands  
Keypad for extension dialing      
Simple Paging    
Alarms/Alerts through integration    
Secure transmission and delivery of messages  
Text Users and Groups  
Web Console Messaging  

The Vocera messaging solutions enable you to: