About Security and Privacy

VST provides an easy to use HIPAA-compliant alternative to SMS messaging, so you are able to discuss personal health information without worrying about its security. In addition, your phone number is used internally by VST, but it is never disclosed to any user.

When you use the VST app to call another user, Vocera requires your mobile phone number to request a call that a third-party service dials on your behalf. The user receiving the call does not see your mobile number; instead, the recipient sees only the system-generated Voice number of your VST organization.

Other users may view your own user profile, but it does not display your mobile number. Your visible user profile includes your office and fax numbers, as well as a Vocera number field that displays "Private Number".

Important: The Handheld Client supports the speech-to-text dictation capabilities provided by your device's keyboard to permit greater accessibility for people who have a disability. Because Apple and Android send the audio to cloud services outside our secure texting applications, make sure you use this feature as prescribed by your organization's HIPAA guidelines.