How to Find a User

Find a user by specifying one or more criteria and searching.

To find a user:

  1. From any page in the VST Administration Console, select Admin > Manage Users from the menu on the top right.

    The Find Users page appears.

    By default, the page displays 10 rows of results. Optionally use the Results per page control to change the number of results displayed on a single page.

  2. In the fields in the Search panel, type one or more search criteria. For example, to search for all users whose last name is Salamone, type Salamone in the Last Name field.
  3. Click Submit.

    The search results appear in the Results pane to the right.

    By default, the results are sorted in ascending order by values in the Name column (indicated by the Up arrow). Click the column title to toggle between ascending and descending order, or click User Type to sort results by that column. Click Name again to resume sorting in the default order.