How to Resend an Invitation

You can resend any invitation except one that is already in the Registered state. Resending invitations is useful if a user cannot locate it for any reason, of if you suspect that it was not delivered.

To resend a VST invitation:

  1. From any page in the VST Administration Console, select Admin > Manage Users from the menu on the top right.

    The Find Users page appears.

  2. Select the Invitations link at the top of the Find Users page.

    The Invitations page appears and displays the status of each invitation you have sent.

  3. Select the check box to the right of each user whose invitation you want to resend, or choose the check box in the title row to select all displayed users.
  4. Click the arrow to the right of the Selected: Resend control.

    A dialog box appears and asks you to confirm your action.

  5. Click Resend.
    The system sends a new invitation to each selected user.