How to View Invitation Status

View the status of an invitation you have sent to determine whether it is progressing as expected or if it is stalled anywhere in the process. For example, you can view the date and time you sent an invitation to a user. If the user clicks the registration link in the email or completes the registration, you can also see the date and time when those events occurred.

To view the status of a VST invitation:

  1. From any page in the VST Administration Console, select Admin > Manage Users from the menu on the top right.

    The Find Users page appears.

  2. Select the Invitations link at the top of the Find Users page.

    The Invitations page appears and displays the status of each invitation you have sent. The Last Updated column shows the date and time that the invitation's status most recently changed.

    Following are the definitions of each possible message status:

    • Pending: The system has queued the invitation email for sending.
    • Email Sent: The system has successfully delivered the invitation email.
    • Failure: The email delivery failed because the email address is incorrect or not in use.
    • User Clicked: The user clicked the registration link in the email message but did not register.
    • Registered: The user successfully registered, and the system created a user profile.
  3. Optionally enter a value in the Email Address, Last Name, and/or First Name fields to filter the list of invitations.

    The Invitations page begins filtering the list of invitations dynamically as you enter values in the filters.

    VST filters the values that appear in each column based on the characters that you enter in its respective filter. The filters are case-insensitive and match values that appear in any position within each column's data. For example, entering "ast" in the Email Address filter matches "" as well as "".