How to Unlock a User Account

When VST locks a user account, the Can Login field on the Update User Profile page displays the message "Invalid login hard limit reached. Delaying login attempts." Unlock the account by using this field to enable it again.

To unlock a user account:

  1. Locate the user whose profile you want to edit. See How to Find a User.
  2. To the right of the user's name, click the View link.

    The profile for that user is displayed.

  3. Set the value of the Can Login field to Login Enabled.
  4. Provide a new PIN for the user in the PIN field.
  5. Optionally make the new PIN temporary, requiring the user to reset it at the next login, by setting the value of the PIN is Temporary field to Yes.
  6. Click the Update button at the bottom of the page.
The account is unlocked and the user's PIN is changed. The user is not notified of the new PIN value; you must manually communicate it to the user.