Vocera Client Requirements

Vocera client apps have been tested on the operating systems and hardware described in this topic.

Important: The latest version of the Vocera Secure Texting platform provides capabilities that are incompatible with the 2.0.x handheld client apps. The 2.0.x apps have unpredictable behavior when connected to the current VST platform, and they are no longer supported. Make sure all users are working with the VST Version 2.2.0 client or greater.
Table 1. Vocera Client Requirements



VST iOS Client

  • VST iOS client version 2.2.0 client or greater
  • iOS 9.x or greater
  • Apple iPhone 5 or greater

VST Android Client

  • VST Android client version 2.2.0 or greater
  • Android OS 4.4 or greater

Vocera Collaboration Suite

For interoperability between the VST and VCS clients:

  • Vocera Collaboration Suite 3.1 or greater (Also requires Vocera Messaging Platform 5.2.0 or greater)