About Organizations and Communities

In VST, an organization is a generic term that is used to reference either a hospital or a practice. A hospital is a VST organization that has its own on-premises Vocera system; a practice is an organization that does not have an on-premises Vocera system.

Members of one organization may communicate with members of another if the two organizations are affiliated with each other. Organizations become affiliates when the administrator of one organization sends the other an invitation, and the administrator of the second organization accepts the invitation.

Only a Vocera employee may create a hospital. If your organization has an on-premises Vocera system and you want to have the messaging capabilities of VST, contact Vocera technical support for more information. Administrators of a hospital may both create a practice if it does not exist and also invite existing hospitals and practices to communicate with them. Administrators of a practice may send an invitation to an existing hospital or practice, but they may not create a practice.

Finally, organizations that are not directly connected with each other but are affiliates of the same hospital may also communicate, because they are members of that hospital's community. VST treats organizations within the same community as affiliates, allowing their users to communicate with each other. The rest of this section describes communities and the ways they communicate in greater detail.