Update Organization Page Reference

Update an existing organization, manage its members and licenses, and control its ability to communicate with other organizations by entering information on the Update Organization page.

Table 1. Organization Details
Field Description
Group name Specify a name for the group using any combination of letters and numbers.
Office number

Enter the main contact number for the organization, optionally using parentheses and dashes for formatting. A third-party provider used by Vocera assigns a Voice Number based on the area code that you entered.

If the Office Number has a toll-free area code, a Voice Number is not created. In this situation, use a conventional area code for the Office Number, save the organization, and let the third-party provider assign a number in that area code. Then change the Office Number to use the toll-free area code and save the organization again.

Voice number The phone number that allows users to place calls from the Vocera Secure Texting app, provided by a third-party service. This number is provided automatically when you create an organization, and it is not editable.
Default time zone Specify a default time zone for the organization. The time zone is used for the time stamp of messages that are sent by members of the organization.
Members can send messages to whole organization Specify whether members of this organization are allowed to send messages to the entire organization.
Message expiration time Specify the amount of time that messages to members of this organization persist on the client. Messages that expire are removed from the VST client, but they are retained in the database of the VST server for the duration of the message retention period. By default, message expiration time is seven days.
Allow messages to non-users via email and SMS When set to yes, users may send messages to people outside their organization by specifying their email address or phone number. In addition, personal contacts from the user's mobile device appear in the VST client Contacts list. Changes to this setting take effect after approximately 30 minutes and require the user to switch tabs in the application.
High priority notification sound length Specify the duration of the tone that is played for high priority messages. By default, the duration is 30 seconds.
Message retention period Specify the amount of time that message content persists in the VST cloud database. When the retention period is reached, message content is purged and cannot be recovered. By default, the message retention period is null, and message content is never purged.
Table 2. VST Administrators
Field Description
User Name The name of each user who is an administrator of the organization. Click to edit the User Profile.
Send Email Uses your computer's default email client to open a new email message addressed to the organization administrator.
Table 3. Members
Field Description
User Name The name of each user who is a member of the organization. Click to edit the User Profile.
Status One of Available, Busy, Not Available, or None. By default, the status is Available.
Create User Opens the Create User Profile page and lets you manually create a user.
Invite Opens the Invite Users page and lets you send invitations to multiple individuals. The system creates users when the individuals accept the invitations.
Table 4. Organizations with whom we can communicate
Field Description
Organization Name The names of organizations you have invited to communicate with your users.
Delete Removes the organization from the list of organizations who can communicate with your users. Does not delete the organization from the system.
Permissions Displays the Association Permissions page, which allows you to limit the number of users in your organization who are able to communicate with the affiliated organization.
Invite Existing Organization Invites another organization to communicate with your users. The organization appears as pending until the invitation is accepted.
Table 5. Sub groups
Field Description
Search Optionally enter all or part of the name of a group to filter the list of group names.
Go Click to filter the list of group names based on the value in the Search field.
Group Name Displays the names of groups that currently exist within your organization.
Edit Displays the Update Group page, which allows you to edit the name, members, and properties of the group.
Create New Group Opens the Create Group page, where you can create a new group of users within your organization.