How to Invite an Existing Practice to Join an Organization

Send another practice administrator an email that invites the members of that practice to begin communicating with your members.

To send an invitation to a practice administrator:

  1. If you are not on the Update Organization page, navigate to it by selecting Admin > Edit Organization from the menu at the top right of any page.

    The Update Organization page appears.

  2. In the Organizations with whom we can communicate section, click Invite Existing Organization.

    The Invite Organization dialog box appears.

  3. Begin typing the name of the organization, and the screen displays a list of possible matches to choose from.
  4. Select the organization and click Invite.

    The system displays a Success message indicating that the invitation was sent successfully.

  5. Close the Success message.

    The email address of the invited practice administrator appears in the list of Organizations with whom we can communicate section.

After the practice administrator accepts the invitation, the name of the practice replaces the email address of its administrator in the list of Organizations with whom we can communicate. See Responding to Invitations for information about accepting invitations.

Similarly, your organization appears in the Organizations with whom we can communicate list in the practice administrator's Vocera Secure Texting Administration Console.

Members of the two organizations are now able to communicate with each other, and they appear as contacts in each other's VST clients. You can use the Permissions link to specify groups of users who can communicate with other practices and to exclude other users from communicating. See How to Limit Communication with an Affiliate.