How to Update your Own Organization

When you first login to the Vocera Secure Texting Administration Console, the system displays the Update Organization page for the organization you administer. This page is the starting point for all your administrative activity. You can manage the membership of your organization, invite affiliated practices to communicate with you, and create groups to provide more granular control of communication permissions.

To update your own organization:

  1. If you are not on the Update Organization page, navigate to it by selecting Admin > Edit Organization from the menu at the top right of any page.

    The Update Organization page appears.

  2. If necessary, change any of the basic information about the organization in the Organization Details section and click Save.
    The basic information is updated and saved.
  3. Use the VST Administrators section to locate other administrators quickly and send them email messages, if necessary.
  4. Use the Members section to add new members to the organization or update the status of existing members.
    See Inviting Users and Creating Users for information about adding new members to the organization.
  5. Use the Organizations with whom we can communicate section to manage communication between your own organization and your affiliates:
    1. Use the Permissions link next to an organization to specify a limited group of users in your organization who are able to communicate with the affiliate.
      See Working with Groups for information about using groups to control which users in your organization are able to communicate with an affiliate.
    2. Use the Invite Existing Organization button to invite organizations that already exist in the system to communicate with your users.
      See How to Invite an Existing Practice to Join an Organization for information about updating your list of affiliated organizations.
  6. Use the Sub groups section to create groups that you can use to limit which users in your organization can communicate with affiliates.